Hi there,

I am a down-to-earth, Montana-raised, practical nutrition professional. Specifically, I am a Registered Dietitian (RD), which means that I received a college degree in nutrition, participated in a dietetic internship, and then studied for my board exam. I am licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and I currently work full time as an outpatient RD in Pittsburgh.

I love my job and I enjoy helping individuals reach their personal health goals. I also have a creative streak. Before my current job I worked as a kid’s nutrition educator. I had the opportunity to create an entire curriculum that used nutrition to teach other school subjects like art, math, science, and reading. I still have a teaching side to me and I like to reach out to local fitness clubs and gyms to present to groups about nutrition and the body. My teaching heart and mind are another part of why I started this blog. In my daily conversations with patients I realize how much bad nutrition information exists online and I want to be a part of fixing that problem.

My other loves are my husband Zach (married almost 3 years) and my kitty, named kitty. She is pretty particular at times, as are all cats. I will tell you the story behind her name sometime. Zach and I enjoy many of the same hobbies and I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to long distance running. He was a great cross country runner in high school and continues to train for a marathon every year. So far I have trained for a half marathon a year, but I can see a marathon in my future.

Neither of us have a lot of family close by so we spend a lot of our time together and with friends. We also love to travel. Hopefully we will get the chance to do more of that soon.


This coming spring, Zach and I will be relocating to Lebanon to volunteer for two years with a development organization called Mennonite Central Committee. Read more about our upcoming jobs and why we decided to make this life change in my blog post, “We’re Moving to Lebanon!”

I am a new blogger, started in February 2017. I am hoping to continue the blog while I live in Lebanon, however due to security reasons I may have to be more selective with my content. I am blogging because I have always wanted to start a blog and finally, I did it! Bear with me while I continue to learn more about the techy aspects of blogging and build my site more. If you would like to read every post, sign up for post updates, top right corner of the page.

I would love to hear from you too! If you are an experienced professional blogger, a beginner like me, a blog reader, or none of the above, please leave me your questions and comments about my posts. If you have any suggestions for future posts or want me to research a new trendy diet or health fad, I would be more than willing to do that for you.

Welcome to The Optimist RD, I am happy that you are here:)