Girls just wanna have fun–type ‘o’ weekend!

Hey there! I did A LOT this weekend! So instead of make you read through the details, here’s the skinny version, enjoy and happy Monday! (ugh)

1 and 2: Friday evening workout and Friday night movie night with kitkat. Leg workout and Fences.  I did my leg workout again. This is the second time. Last time that I did it I was sore for the next 3-4ish days. I decided that I clearly need to work on my leg muscles so I did the same workout again, this time around? I am not as sore and it is Sunday night, so that is great, I think I will do the same one again this week and then switch it up. Fences– not a comforting movie, but a good one none-the-less. Just made me think and hurt for the characters in the movie – I can see why it was critically acclaimed.

Friday night beauty

This was a picture from the beautiful snow that we got on Friday evening. I snapped this pic after coming home from the gym and getting off the bus. In case you were wondering, yes, I take those stairs every day…and for Pittsburgh, that’s not bad at all.

3 and 4 and 5: Saturday morning workout (arms – I am VERY sore from this and to be honest couldn’t even make it through the 2nd round!), cupcakes, and dinner with a visiting friend. Why cupcakes? NoteCuz girls just a wanna have fu-un!Note

cupcakes 3


cupcakes 2

This were mine (minus one that I ate). My friend has taken cake decorating classes before and was trying to teach us the ways…a lot of what we did turned out looking like poo piles Smile

6 and 7 and 8 and 9: Sunday morning breakfast with my (unofficial) RD mentor (she has been meeting with me since the beginning of my college dietetics career=much respect for this wonderful role model), church, and then packing, plus movie night #2. On the Edge of Seventeen….I kinda want something more uplifting.

mentor pancakes

Chocolate almond pancakes…mmmmm

Favorites from this weekend:

  • New blogs I am into following and have mucho respect for: http://andytherd.com/blog/ and http://www.fannetasticfood.com/ There are so many blogs out there so please bear with me while I take small bits at a time!!
  • My goodwill finds! I like the first one because it makes me feel MediterraneanSmile And the second is just a nice warm sweater that I can wear with literally anything. I kept trying to see what was wrong with them at the store but I still can’t find a thing! Love me some GoodFinds @ GoodWill.goodwill 2goodwill1
  • My cute soup in a cup because I forgot to grab a couple of cheap plastic bowls at the store

soup in a cup

  • Kitty using me for a pillow

kitty pillow

  • My miniature pantry that I successfully scaled down

mini pantry

  • Prepping for my mom to come, so excited!



What were some highlights from your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun–type ‘o’ weekend!”

  1. Awesome finds from Goodwill!! Love those stairs….that’s a work out all by themselves! Love your cupcake decorating skills! I have a coworker who Loves making special cupcakes for all occasions! I just slap some frosting on them and sprinkle them with sprinkles!😉No patience ! Keep writing your blog…I look forward to each of your posts!


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