Coconut Date Balls

Its Friday!!! I have a recipe to review with you all today. I also feel that for a Thursday, I accomplished quite a bit. Or maybe I just took a lot of pictures when I got home. Which, for me – a person who usually shoves food into her mouth and mid-chew I realize that I meant to photograph all of the steps that I took to make the food that I no longer have…would be a success!!

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t planning on being productive today. I was going to go out with some coworkers after work. However when I got home and saw that the sun was shining I bailed on those plans. No worries, I was confident that I wouldn’t be missed. I am kind of a home-body and definitely an introvert so I blame those tendencies whenever I just chose to spend time with myself.

So the sun was out and high in the sky and yes, it was a bit chilly, but the sun hasn’t been out like this in Pittsburgh allll week, so I decided to take an outdoor run. Before that , I put together a crock-pot meal with ingredients from my pantry that I am trying to use up. I had refried beans, corn, broth, diced tomatoes, black beans, and I had precooked chicken in the fridge. Perfect ingredients for some shredded mexican chicken soup eh? I added, with a heavy hand, chili powder, some garlic and onion powder, and pepper and salt. I am writing this on Thursday night my crock pot soup is not done yet…I mistakenly thought that my crock pot would cook quicker. So now I will have soup for the weekend! I’ll let you know how it tastes but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the combined ingredients.

Chicken soup crock pot dinnerAfter I put the soup on I hopped in the car and drove down the hill to the riverside trail in Southside. The sun was definitely still shining but I encountered a head wind right away and I didn’t bring a headband or a hat….I was therefore very cold on the first leg of my trip and only slightly better when I turned around and didn’t have 37 degree wind blowing in my face. I still think that I enjoyed the run because the city looked beautiful and I really wanted to remember this moment when I am away in Lebanon.

cold run 1

Just a beautiful running trail, even prettier in the summer when the trees have leaves!

cold run 2

This is the only face that I could make when I got back in the car 30 minutes later. My ears were throbbing and I was making groaning noises and complaining about the cold…maybe a little dramatic, but seriously, it is mid March!

I'm cold

After the cold run I stopped by the grocery store to gather items for a recipe that I plan to make during the Pittsburgh Farm to Table conference next week. I will be talking about Nutrition and Liver Health. I wanted to pick a recipe that was a naturally high protein source for individuals who need extra calories and protein due to liver disease. I came across my recipe in a Food and Nutrition Magazine (by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics). I know that these tasty snacks are not anything new, however they typically call for a protein powder. This one does not but still has 280 calories and 8 grams of protein per serving. Yes they are high in calories, hence why I am making them for individuals with liver disease. I would caution eating too many of them if you already get plenty of calories from your meals. For snacks I like to stick to 100-200 calories and only if I am hungry. A good serving for these then would be just one ball, which I think you can be satisfied after eating just one, they have a lot of flavor!

Rolled balls

Here are the ingredients that I used for my recipe, not pictured, Vanilla Greek Yogurt. I was supposed to use Siggi’s but I forgot to get it at the store!! I was also supposed to buy dates without added sugar and I made the mistake of assuming those didn’t have sugar. So my end product was a little sweeter than it should be!

balls recipe

             rolled unfinished ballscoated ballsball close up

The ingredients were expensive to buy in total: $40 ish dollars, however I didn’t use everything for just this one recipe, but if you don’t have these items at home, just a heads up! They blended well in the food processor and didn’t take long overall. Like I said, they were a little sweeter than should be but definitely still tasty. I think that they are also perfect size for a crowd to sample next week. I look forward to making them in a larger amount next time with the correct yogurt and unsweetened dates.

Question of the day: What is your favorite go-to snack?



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