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Lesson learned: Be kind to yourself

First, some favorites for you all:

A skype date with Zach:

Zach skype

Dinner and a Greek Yogurt Bar with Friends:

yasso bar

My morning smoothie and Morning Glory muffin (not pictured because it goes into my mouth right after I microwave it!):

breakfast smoothie

Smoothie ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado, 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt, 3/4 cup milk, 1 banana, large handful of kale

I am polishing off this post this morning after trying out a morning workout. No wait, I am actually writing this post at 6:25 am in my bed because I did not go to the gym this morning. Am I disappointed with myself? Hmm, maybe a tad. But I kind of had a revelation last night when I set my alarm for 5 am. “Why am I doing this?” Yep, that was pretty much it!

See, I have been comparing myself to other food and fitness bloggers. I have read that some wake up at crazy early hours of the day and go to the gym.  I was going to do the same because I was starting to feel like my efforts were not good enough and that I needed to get really fit, really devoted, really fast. But I want you to all know something, I am currently a fit, happy, and healthy person…and I don’t get up at 4 am every morning and spend 2 hours at the gym. I typically have a range of how many days I workout each week (3-5) and it changes depending on the other important activities in my life. Do I realize the importance of physical activity along with a healthy diet, yes, of course. And ideally I would love to be able to have enough me time to go to the gym 6 days each week. BUT…I also know that we go through different stages in our life when other priorities like your family, your friends, your job, your sleep (yes!!!) all take precedence before dragging your butt to the gym. I also know that many of the people that I read about going to the gym almost every day of the week are in love with their workouts and wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that I could do better, and I am trying, but that doesn’t mean that what I am currently doing is not good enough or noteworthy. Lesson learned: Be kind to yourself, realize that life is full and take a break when you need it. I don’t know who will get the better benefit from reading that, you or meSmile

I did spin class on Monday night and sweated through all of my clothing (per usual). Spin is still my favorite workout, I’m a sucker for someone yelling at me and blasting loud pop music while I ride. If the instructor is good, they choose songs that make me keep pace (I pedal to the beat!) and work really hard. I also love feeling a bit sore the next day.

For this afternoon’s workout, I will be doing free weights and focusing on my arms, back, and abs. Tomorrow I will do legs and cardio. I feel like spin (if you make sure you are pushing yourself during every class) works my legs a bit. I don’t want to make myself too sore that I end up taking unnecessary days off at the gym. While I may add in a few extra movements, here is the plan for this evening:

Awesome Arms.jpg

Arm Exercise How Many
Side fly 12-15 times, 3 sets
Front fly 12-15 times, 3 sets
Hammer curl 12-15 times, 3 sets
Tricep extension 12-15times, 3 sets
Dip 20, 15, 10
Seated dumbbell row 12 times, 3 sets
Assisted pull-up 12 times, 3 sets


Directions: Perform each exercise 1x through and then start over and perform each 2x, then 3x, continue until you do 10x through for each exercise
1 crunch
1 toe touch
1 leg lift
1 Russian twist



2 thoughts on “Lesson learned: Be kind to yourself”

  1. Meghan I totally agree with you! Did the same thing here this morning. My alarm
    Went off at 5:15 and I was supposed to get up and do my 21Day Fix Cardio….ughhh…didn’t have it in me! Hit snooze a couple of times and skipped my work out! Yep….I was a little disappointed in myself too but…..I boycotted the elevator at work! Started my day with a climb to the 8th floor! Tomorrow I’ll get up!


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