The last 6 years

This March marks six years that Zach and I have been together. Dating for 2ish years, engaged for 1ish, and almost married for 3ish (June 21st). I thought that today I would share a little bit about the story of how Zach and I met and a little from our backgrounds that led us to become the people we are today. So sit back and enjoy this post because everyone loves a good love story, right?

I moved to Lancaster, PA right before my junior year of high school. My new school was much larger than where I came from (tiny Montana towns, lol). Zach and I had a few classes together during high school but never talked to each other at all during my junior year. I was shy and he was busy with three sports a year, yearbook club, etc.

High school me during a summer trip with my youth group to Ecuador.

I had made a great friend my senior year of high school. When the school’s talent show rolled around, we decided to do a musical act together. We decided on our first practice session that we needed drums to give our song a beat. Enter Zach – one of the two people in the school who knew how to play drums. He agreed. I can remember one of the first times that I hung out with Zach, after practicing our act. I liked the way he genuinely listened to me as I talked, he had a way of being really present during conversation. He also had beautiful blue eyes that I loved looking into. Zach tells me that he had a crush on me at this point.

During the last few months of our senior year, we ended up finding each other in between classes more and more often. We would walk from calculus together with another friend of mine. She would mention how Zach pointedly looked for me after class and would jog to catch up if her and I were ahead of him.

After the talent show was over, Zach ended up asking me to our senior prom. He did it in the most nerdy way, he had our calculus teacher add a question to the end of one of our tests that used a calculus-type formula to ask me to prom. I said yes. I failed that test because after skimming the questions right at the beginning of exam time, I saw that last question and couldn’t focus on the rest lol. Against our friends advice, we started dating in the last month of high school. They thought it was silly to start a new relationship before going off to college. They were right, but we didn’t care.

A picture from our high school prom
High school graduation

We had already planned on going to different colleges, so we did the long-term thing for a few years. There were many weekend trips down to Harrisonburg, VA to spend time with him. We had many adventures during winter and summer breaks, I knew after three months of dating that I was in love and wanted to marry him.

Post graduation pie making experience. You can see the juice spilling out in this pic!


Zach decided early on to try to get done with college in three years. He ended up proposing to me during my sophomore year of college. We got married after my junior year and I ended up doing the married thing during my senior year. Given the choice once more to get married that young, I would do it again. I have been able to see my husband grow, change, and learn about himself as a man. While growth is not always a smooth road, it is necessary. Looking back at the people that we were when we started dating and comparing them to us now, I am grateful that we were together through the entire process.

Taken right after Zach proposed to me. I love his face!


Our wedding, one of my favorite days with this guy!


We have had many adventures in our short time together. Zach has come with me several times to my family home in Montana, visited my sister with me in North Dakota, we vacationed in India for 3 weeks last winter with his mom and dad. We have been blessed with many new friends in our lives together. Here is where I would use the very overused “#blessed” hashtag. I love the path that our lives have taken.

Packed and ready to go!


Now I am staring at the bags that will take Zach to Lebanon tomorrow. Another day, another adventure. When we moved to Pittsburgh, we thought that this would be our home for the next 5-6 years. I remember a meaningful conversation with some good friends over drinks one night a few months ago. They have been married 10ish years and they told us that not one part of their life has gone as planned, but it has been rich and beautiful nonetheless. I am starting to see that this is also the case with our lives. There is a greater plan for our lives that we cannot predict. I am glad to have this guy by my side through all the uncertainty and adventure that awaits us. We cannot wait to both be together serving in Lebanon. Here’s to the next two years! It’s going to be great!



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