Wining & Dining in Niagara

Good morning folks! I hope your weekend was as fun-filled as mine was. A get-away with the hubby is always welcome & appreciated. Lets take a second and remember that weather last Friday, Pittsburgh had a high of 76 degrees. While that is unusually warm for this time of year, I wasn’t complaining, taking full advantage of it during a lunch-time walk and an after-work stroll with Zach.


Instead of taking the bus all the way home like I usually do, I met this guy in Southside (borough of Pittsburgh) to accompany him on his walk home. We may or may not have stopped at The Milkshake Factory to grab a chocolate malt milkshake to split, it was baby sized and a great treat for the nice weather. I had planned on getting in a workout after work on Friday (story of my life the entire weekend) but soaking in some time with Zach before he leaves felt like the better option. Also, with the lunch-time walking and the uphill walk home (Pittsburgh is quite hilly), my step counter told me I got 40 minutes of activity and walked 2 miles. Not too shabby:)

Later that eve I played around with Zach’s camera and experimented with taking pictures of my dinner. I also experimented with dinner – Tuna-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. I enjoyed the meal but thought that I could have made a sauce to pour over the mixture. I’ll keep playing around with that recipe before I post and recommend it to you. Pinterest-worthy recipes do not happen overnight folks. A good reminder for me as I try to become better at concocting my own recipes.

Later I threw together a batch of cookies for some guests that were stopping by later that night. Nothing beats traditional chocolate chip cookies!


Saturday morning we packed some clothing, our passports, and headed for Canada! We made a stop for pizza near the casino, easily finishing the pizza ourselves in 10 minutes. We then found our way to our hotel and as soon as we checked into our room we headed back out for wine tasting.

I have officially made the switch from white wine to a rose or red wine variety. It took me a few years, but white wine seems a little sweet for my taste these days – I like the richness of red, but I know that I still do not care for a really dry red.

Later that night we got dinner at the hotel, which was amazing! Sunday morning we ate again at the hotel for breakfast (buffet-style, Zach was in heaven). Both of us were then ready to head to the falls for pictures.

Zach has always been my photographer and I never mind getting in front of a camera.


Thanks to the Irish family for taking our picture!

It was absolutely beautiful! And cold! I am glad that we went. Its only a 3 1/2 hour drive from Pittsburgh to the Canada side of the falls – perfect for a weekend get away.

After about an hour at the falls I was chilled to the bone and ready for some warmth. We headed home a little early and spent the rest of the night packing and prepping for Zach’s departure. It was a fast weekend, but I really appreciated Zach taking the time to take me away before he leaves. I think this weekend also made me very excited for travelling to beautiful places in other countries. I can’t wait to share those future pictures with you all!

Have a happy Monday all!



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