The beginning, sort of

A few years ago I decided that I wanted to blog. I had been reading blogs online like pbfingers.com and fitnessista.com and I enjoyed reading about these women and their lives. I followed their workouts, tried their recipes, and got excited when they went through major life changes like getting new jobs, becoming a parent, and moving to a new city.

So you may wonder why I am not celebrating the third anniversary of my own blog. Well, still in the early stages of deciding whether or not to start a blog, I started to doubt my writing and marketing skills, got busy finishing my degree and studying to become a Registered Dietitian, got married and moved to a new place, twice, and so on. Excuses, right? I also had worries about whether or not my blog would be popular and how much longer blogs would be, “in style.” When would they be replaced by the next popular social media activity?

But, many internal urges are telling me not to listen to those fears and to overcome my excuses. I love being creative, I still love reading blogs, and I am going to do this for myself, not to be the most popular, or win blogging awards, or have free stuff sent to my home because a new cooking company wants me to try and write a blog post about their product. And, its okay that I haven’t had an English class in a long time, but I will try to put my commas in the right places:)

So here we are, day one of my blog. I work full time, so right now this is going to be a part time hobby and if its stay that way, I am okay with that. I’m excited, a little hesitant, but I am going to give this my best try. I will be devoting the next week of posts to tell you about myself and why I chose to be a Registered Dietitian or RD. When that week is over, I hope to write about things like travel, food (healthy and guilty pleasures), and fitness. I will always give you evidence-based information and tell you where I get my information from. And I will do my best to live up to the words:

– Real Nutrition – Real Life – Real Simple –

Welcome to The Optimist RD.


6 thoughts on “The beginning, sort of”

  1. I read the latest Today’s Dietitian Magazine and there was an article that talked about how all dietitians should have blogs as blogs are huge in the nutrition world and there is a lot of misinformation out there. GOod luck to you! I look forward to reading your posts!


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